• Emergency Causes
    Every summer in Yulin, Guangxi province, there will launch a dog meat eating “festival”, where tens of thousands of dogs will be butchered and eaten. This year’s “festival” will open on June...
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  • Emergency Causes
    We were informed yesterday that a golden retriever was being killed and dismembered in front of a dog meat restaurant. When our members rushed over there, the golden retriever’s three legs...
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  • Dog Rescue Donation Cause
    Emergency Causes
    Last week, our volunteers found this west highland white terrier on the street. She looked so weak and laid on the corner. Obviously, it’s an abandoned terrier dog. We fed her...
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Story About Us

Who are we?

Asian Dog Resue Group was founded in Shanghai, China in 2015 for the purpose of saving dogs and puppies. Our job is to save dogs in danger and take care of unwanted, abandoned and abused dogs – including training, playing, handling medical issues.

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Urgent Cause

Bichon Frise Puppy Rescue

Here is a 3-month old bichon frise puppy. He is a victim of dog selling business. It is very difficult for the puppy to breathe because he was bred poorly and suffer from hypoplastic trachea. The dog’s breathing is laboured,...
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